About Me and This Site


I am a husband and father, a tech lover, a microbrew and coffee fan, a ham radio operator, and an all around geek about anything I find even moderately interesting. I'm extraordinarily privileged that I'm able to draw on my penchant for technology in my current career path, leading an IT Operations team of systems engineers, systems administrators, and support technicians.

I'm currently in the process of consolidating 4 different websites into this one, using a new CMS (Grav). Blog entries will be back up on this site again shortly!

Contact Me

Email     kameron@gasso.org
PGP/GPG     C1A2 F2B7 3904 31A6 5D64 89CB 0FF2 C90A AA32 D600
Keybase     keybase.io/kgasso
Mastodon     mastodon.social/@kgasso
Linkedin     Kameron Gasso
Telegram     kgasso

Other social media presence/profiles I have are either deprecated or private.